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Iraq:Remains- photographs from the war zone

Molly Bingham

Molly Bingham has spent the majority of her career working as a documentary photojournalist. Molly believes that photography’s strength is its capacity to reveal the aspects of humanity that we share, transcending our linguistic, cultural and religious differences. She views her role as a journalist, a photographer, and an artist as being to help build a bridge of understanding between peoples.





The work selected for this exhibit is pulled from fourteen months worth of images created in Iraq. They reveal that the core identity of Iraq remains while the corpse of Iraq - as it once was, has decayed and fallen to pieces. The imagery challenges us, as strangers to this foreign land, to place ourselves in the shoes of those Iraqis (as well as the American forces) who are attempting to survive amidst what remains of their country, of their past and amidst what remains.